Which Yarn for me?

Which yarn for which project?


All yarns in the shop can be used for garments, shawls, beanies etc.

For socks, we have a dedicated section in the shop categories. Sock yarn should contain nylon.

Why Baby Alpaca?


Our baby alpaca silk and cashmere blend yarns are perfect for cozy sweaters, shawls and cardigans. The yarn is soft, and warm. It doesn't cause "prickly heat", or feeling too warm when the weather is getting cooler and we want to wear our woolly creations. Alpaca is an amazing fibre, that balances the temperature, so that its always comfortable to wear in the cooler seasons, including spring. It keeps its shape well, and its very easy to knit and crochet with. 

Why BFL?


The wonderful Blue Faced Leicester sheep are deservedly among the most popular of all British breeds due to their fine, soft, semi-lustrous fleece. The sheen on the fibre is very 

much like silk.

Despite BFL’s softness, the fibre is also hard wearing and holds its block wonderfully, making it equally ideal for both more durable items and lacy garments. We love our BFL silk blend, as its warm and smooth and has the most wonderful sheen.

How much yarn do i need?


The pattern you have selected will tell you the amount of yarn you need. All product listings on our website include the meterage and grams for each item, so its easy to compare to your pattern. 

A 100 gram skein of 4 ply for example will make a nice sized shawl. 

A 100 gram skein of sock yarn will be enough to make a pair of socks. We have made a pair of UK size 6 socks from one skein, and had enough left for a pair of size 4 ankle socks. this does depend on your pattern and knitting tension/needles used, but 1 skein is plenty for a standard pair of socks.